Why Choose Us

We are a general dentistry office serving the diverse population of Evanston and beyond. We see the whole family from children to grandparents. We are a private practice with a single location. This means we are not subject to the business management of a large corporation with competing interests. The only people we have to please is you, our patients. 

We are experienced and dependable. We’ve been at the same location with the same doctor since 2003. And we're going to be here for the long term. Our staff is loyal. (And our patients are too!) You won’t see new faces every time. You’ll have a reliable doctor-patient relationship. We are open 6 days a week to help you. We are available after-hours via text and email to help you in time of emergency. 

Dentistry is our vocation; it is the art we practice. We pursue the ideal, striving always to be our best. We utilize the latest technology from digital x-rays to CAD-CAM milling of dental crowns, from computerized spectrometry to match tooth color to the utilization of high-tech zirconia-based dental materials. We use local, family-owned laboratory based in Chicago and have regular in-person meeting for quality assurance. Many of our competitors use large out-of-state laboratories, who routinely subcontract work to China, in order to save money. Do do not compromise on quality. 


Dr. Charles Chen D.D.S

Dr. Chen is a 1997 graduate of Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, where his major is biology. He received his DDS degree from The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry in 2001.

After a couple of years as an associate dentist, in 2003, Dr. Chen started his own private practice in Evanston – The Radiant Smile. He has worked full time at this location ever since.

Currently, Dr. Chen serves a patient base of about 6,000 patients. He has about 3,000 scheduled dental appointments per year. He is experienced in all aspects of general dentistry. He loves his job.    

Dr. Chen is an active member of the Chicago Dental Society, the Illinois State Dental Society, as well as the American Dental Associations.   

Dr. Chen lives close to The Radiant Smile. He is married and has 2 children. In his spare time, he enjoys photography.   

Dr. Xheni Basko D.M.D.

Xheni Basko (pronounced Jenny), DMD is a board-certified dentist, who specializes in medical and cosmetic dentistry. She believes in a partnership between patients and dentists. She strives to ensure that each patient’s voice is heard and each patient’s expectations are exceeded. Her practice philosophy is based on quality care, compassion and educating her patients about oral health. Dr. Basko is committed to providing outstanding, innovative dental care for her patients.

Dr. Basko received her Bachelors of Arts in Biology from Northwestern University and Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Illinois at Chicago. From a young age, she has had a strong passion for science. She has completed several research projects over the years, managing to publish her first scientific paper at the age of seventeen. Throughout her professional career, Dr. Basko has been honored with numerous awards. Most recently, she received the “Golden Scaler Award" for Clinical and Academic Excellence in Periodontics. Dr. Basko is an active member of numerous dental organizations, including the Illinois State Dental Society, American Dental Association, Chicago Dental Society, and Academy of General Dentistry. She believes strongly in continuing education, and frequently attends educational conferences in order to expand her knowledge in dentistry and to stay up-to-date with the most innovative treatments.

Dr. Basko is an active member in the community and has dedicated a lot of hours towards helping the underserved and the disabled.  At her leisure time, Dr. Basko enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves traveling, playing sports, dancing and exploring nature. Above all, she loves art. When asked why she chose the field of dentistry, Dr. Basko's response is " Dentistry is the one field that allows me to incorporate my passion of art and science to help improve the health, appearance and confidence of others."